Back to group walking! FINALLY!

I think a lot of people will agree with me that the latest lockdown has been the most difficult.  When the Government released the road map details out of the lockdown restrictions, the Berkshire Walkers Committee arranged a Committee Meeting within a few days so we could discuss how to get our (socially distanced) group walks started again! 

So our walking journey began (again) and we had our first 3 walks planned for the Easter weekend.  These walks proved to be popular as spaces filled up in just over 24 hours!  Since then we have had at least 2 walks each weekend and all walks have been fully booked.  Speaking to some of the attendees on the walks, they are appreciative on how quickly we got group walks started again.  The demand for our group walks is higher than we have seen before. 

We are regularly contacted by keen Ramblers who find us on the internet or via our social media pages asking for details about our group walks and how to join – we later see that they have booked onto and attended our walks!  The calendar on our website is steadily filling up again – the weekly email to members is more than just online socials now (I’m so bored of Zoom meetings!) 

We are seeing new walk leaders submitting walks and some of our walk leaders who haven’t led a walk since before the first lockdown are now submitting walks again!  There is a big appetite for group walks – either leading or coming along on a walk.  It’s nice to be able to get back out into the countryside with people other than just your household, support bubble or 1 other person.  

Personally for me, being back out group walking is not only physically beneficial but mentally beneficial too!  I need to start thinking and researching into more new routes to lead walks and get them submitted to the group!

Jason Owen
Publicity Officer