Berkshire Walkers committee team

Berkshire Walkers would not be able to function without our dedicated committee members.  They volunteer their time and energy in a number of ways to help our group function smoothly.  The BW’s committee are voted in each year at our AGM meeting.

The current committee members are listed below, they will always be happy to answer your questions.

If you are interested in becoming part of the committee, please speak to any of our current committee members who will be happy to help.

Berkshire Walkers committee consists of:

Chair: Claire – chair at
I’ve been part of the Berkshire Walkers for nearly two years.  As chair of the committee I coordinate our  meetings, listening to the views and ideas of all the committee members.  They are all very passionate about walking and about the group and it is a pleasure to work with them to take the BWs forward, increasing our membership and the variety of events that we offer on our programme – walks, socials and holidays!  I lived in Scotland for 7 years where my passion for walking really developed – one of my favourite pastimes is climbing the Scottish munros.  Since moving to Reading, I have discovered many a lovely route on flatter ground in beautiful areas that I didn’t know existed.  Berkshire and the surrounding counties have much to give!  I am always interested to listen to ideas that members have for the future direction of the group (whether you are on the committee or not), so if you have something that you think is worth suggesting, please do get in touch either by email, or chat to me at a walk or social.

Secretary: Rachel – secretary at

Membership: Zak – membership at
Having been a keen walker for many years, I joined the Berkshire Walkers and the Ramblers in January 2018. The group has been a very enjoyable way of both discovering the local area and making new friends after I moved to Reading. I’ve also really enjoyed the group trips away to walk in other areas of the country. After a few months I was keen to get more involved, and joined the committee as Membership Secretary, and in this role I’m keen to make sure that we both keep in contact with our existing members and are as welcoming as possible to a steady stream of new members. I also lead walks regularly for the group, and took on the role of Ramblers Area Secretary for Berkshire in November2019. Aside from walking, I also enjoy cycling, live music of all kinds, and play percussion in a samba band.

Treasurer: Jack – treasurer at
I’m Jack and I’m the guy who manages the money side of things for the group, dull but still nonetheless important! I’m also one of the group’s younger members and known for my love of steam trains, whether it is going on them or watching them pass by! Outside of walking, I play the drums and I also love a good musical!

Socials: Sophie – socialevents at

Walks Coordinator: Sam – walking at
I’m the person who is responsible for making sure we have a full and varied walks program.  I love getting out and exploring our local countryside.  You will see me out walking with the group most weekends!

Website/Publicity: Jason – website at / publicity at
Being a member of the Berkshire Walkers has been so much fun over the last few years.  I’ve met some amazing people and been able to visit some fantastic places!  I’m a person who likes to go on adventures and take on big challenges.  I really enjoy leading group walks – having led many walks over the last few years now!

Ordinary Members:

I’m new to the group since lockdown v1, and I’ve enjoyed getting out walking and meeting everyone 😊 Now I’d like to give something back to the group and help with the committee! I enjoy a good debate 📣, trips to the cinema 📽🎬 and exploring new places 🏞🌋🏝.

I’ve been walking with the group since January 2019, and it has been a great opportunity to explore the countryside and meet new people! Outside of walking, you can probably find me enjoying a board game with some friends.