Berkshire Walkers Committee Team

Berkshire Walkers would not be able to function without our dedicated committee members.  They volunteer their time and energy in a number of ways to help our group function smoothly.  The BW’s committee are voted in each year at our AGM meeting.

The current committee members are listed below, they will always be happy to answer your questions.

If you are interested in becoming part of the committee, please speak to any of our current committee members who will be happy to help.

Berkshire Walkers Committee consists of:

Chairman: Lee – chairman at
I’ve been walking in Britain since 1982 (when I was just 4) and have an extensive knowledge of the hillier areas of the land. I joined the Berkshire Walkers in 2006 to keep sufficiently fit to walk in the hills and for a social life, after moving to the area. I’m now in the 5th year (not continuous) of being chairman and have held several other positions
on the committee; I’m also in the 6th year (again, not continuous) of being Berkshire Area Chair.

Secretary: Arlene – secretary at
I have only been a member of the Berkshire Walkers for a couple of years, so am relatively new and have yet to lead my first walk, although hopefully this will happen in the first part of 2018.  Sometime (unjustifiably) I get called a little crazy, other times (justifiably) known to be a bit clumsy, I have a passion for porters, pies and puffins (one of those might not be true…)

Membership: Naomi – membership at
You will generally find me wearing pink, discussing the brilliance of Penguins, drinking cider and handing out badges (quite the multitasker)!  I’ve lived in Berkshire all of my life, but the group’s shown me there’s beautiful areas of Berkshire and surrounding countryside that I’ve never explored!  I joined 6 years ago after returning from Uni and needing new things to do and new friends.

Treasurer: Jack – treasurer at
I’m Jack and I’m the guy who manages the money side of things for the group, dull but still nonetheless important! I’m also one of the group’s younger members and known for my love of steam trains, whether it is going on them or watching them pass by! Outside of walking, I play the drums and I also love a good musical!

Socials: Clare – socialevents at
I joined the Berkshire Walkers almost 5 years ago.  Following a year as secretary and a year as chair, I am now taking a turn at socials.  Walking with the group has been an adventure; I have made some great friends, challenged myself exploring different parts of the UK and have become a frequent visitor of Berkshire tea shops and gin drinking establishments!

Walks Co-Ordinator: Sam – walking at

Website/Publicity: Jason – website at / publicity at
Being a member of the Berkshire Walkers has been so much fun over the last couple of years.  I’ve met some amazing people and been able to visit some fantastic places!  I’m a person who likes to go on adventures and take on big challenges.

Ordinary Members: Aude, Sarah, Tim,

I have been a long standing member of the group having joined in 2008 I am now in my eighth year on the Committee. I joined as an Ordinary then spent three years as Socials Co-ordinator which I loved to bits, two as Membership Secretary and a year as Publicity. My love of walking was born whilst spending four months in the Himalayar Kingdom of Nepal in 1997, returning to trek 10 years later. I strongly advocate walking as a brilliant method of improving social interaction as well as enhance our physical and mental well being.