Banff Mountain Film Festival – 1st Programme (RED)

January 29, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The Hexagon
Queens Walk
Reading RG1
Clare Bullock

The Banff Mountain Film Festival features extraordinary short films from the world’s leading adventure film makers. Some of the films are poignant, some for the adrenaline junkies, but all feature great story-telling and fabulous cinematography. It is one very fun and inspiring evening, even if you have no urge to adventure further than the seat you are sitting in.

Follow the expeditions of some of today’s most incredible adventurers, see amazing footage of adrenaline packed action sports, be transported to the world’s last great wild places and be inspired by thought-provoking pieces shot from the far flung corners of the globe.

Here’s the 2020 trailer to whet the appetite. Please contact the organiser if interested by the deadline so that we can get good seats. Chances are tickets will still be available closer to the time but others might not be sitting nearby.

Tickets are also being organised for the second programme of films on Wednesday 18 March.

Please let the organiser know if you would like to attend the first programme, second programme or both by the requested deadline.

Payment will be required to secure your place by 22nd December, please pay it into our account. Details of how to pay can be provided by the organiser.

The organiser is hoping to arrange an early meet for anyone who wants dinner / drink beforehand. Details to follow.