Berkshire Walkers AGM

November 15, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Rachel (Secretary)

Behind the scenes of the Berkshire Walkers are a committee who, along with our walk leaders and other volunteers, make sure that the group keeps running smoothly. The committee is voted in each year during the AGM.

This year’s AGM will be a virtual meeting, and will be held via Zoom.

All group members are encouraged to attend, and any member is welcome to put themselves forward for any of the positions (see the list here). Nominations are now open. To put yourself forward, you must ask one BW member to nominate you for the position, and another to second your nomination.  Please send your nomination into Claire, our current chair, using the email address

If there are multiple people standing for the same position, we will vote! However, we appreciate all the help we can get on the committee – if this happens, there may be alternative positions you could stand for.

This page will be updated with the agenda soon. At the meeting the current committee will give brief presentations on what has happened over the past year, and then we will vote for each position.

List of nominations (nominees will be added as they are received between now and the time of the AGM)

Publicity Officer (1)*
Publicity Officer (2)*
Website ManagerShannon JonesJason OwenAndrew Keene
Membership Secretary
Social Secretary
Walks Coordinator
Area Representative
Ordinary Member (1)
Ordinary Member (2)

* Publicity is quite a large role so we are offering a job share with two people contributing in the coming year.  Those nominated can decide between them how to share out the role.