Berkshire Walkers AGM 2020

November 1, 2020 @ 7:30 pm
Online (Zoom)
Claire (chair)

The 2020 Berkshire Walkers AGM will be held at 7:30pm on Sunday 1st November via Zoom.

Please register here prior to the meeting to receive the joining details.

This is your opportunity to get more involved in the running of the group and stand for election to any of the committee posts. Nominations closed on 25th October, and those received are as follows:

Chair: Nominee: Claire Bulgin. Proposed: Zak Kipling. Seconded: Jack Lewis.

Secretary:  Nominee: Rachel Leck. Proposed: Zak Kipling. Seconded: Claire Bulgin.

Walks Coordinator: Nominee: Sam Briggs. Proposed: Claire Bulgin. Seconded: Zak Kipling.

Membership Secretary: Nominee: Zak Kipling. Proposed: Claire Bulgin. Seconded: Jason Owen.

Social Secretary: Nominee: Sophie Meikle. Proposed: Zak Kipling. Seconded: Jack Lewis.

Treasurer: Nominee: Jack Lewis. Proposed: Sam Briggs. Seconder: Andrew Keene.

Publicity officer: Nominee: Jason Owen. Proposed: Sam Briggs. Seconder: Zak Kipling

Website: Nominee: Jason Owen. Proposed: Sam Briggs. Seconder: Zak Kipling

Area Rep: Nominee: Sam Briggs. Proposed: Claire Bulgin.  Seconded: Zak Kipling.

MeetUp Coordinator: None received.

Ordinary Members:
Nominee: Shannon Jones. Proposed: Zak Kipling.  Seconded: Veronika Zhupanova.
Nominee: Andrew Keene. Proposed: Jack Lewis. Seconded: Zak Kipling.

Provisional Agenda

  1. Welcome by Berkshire Walkers Chair
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Approval of Minutes of the 2019 AGM
  4. Chair’s Report on the Year
  5. Presentation and Statement of Accounts
  6. Approval of the Accounts
  7. Appointment of the Independent Examiner
  8. Membership Report
  9. Walks Co-ordinator Report
  10. Socials Report
  11. Publicity and Website Report
  12. Election of members of the new committee
  13. Any other business


Or download them all together from the Google Drive here.

Note: in the interests of data protection, full names have been redacted from the 2019 minutes as published on the web. Members can obtain an unredacted copy on request from the Membership Secretary.