Skidmarks Shenanigans: A summer stroll to Bucklers Forest, 8 miles, easy

July 13, 2024 @ 10:45 am – 3:30 pm
Crowthorne Railway Station
Duke's Ride
Crowthorne RG45 6NZ

This walk takes us for a historical walk around Crowthorne – more of a modern historical walk really around Bucklers Forest. We get to visit the Transport Research Laboratory’s old test track which is now a beautiful scenic woodland walk – we get to walk along part of the old banked race track also the skid pan test area (hence the walk name).

Advance booking is not required, but if you plan on attending this walk, please indicate this on Meetup if you can, so others can see that there will be plenty of people going.

Pace: gentle.

Walk details

The walk will start with us leaving Crowthorne Station and heading towards the East Berkshire Golf Club – be careful as we walk through here as we don’t want to get struck by a stray golf ball! Hopefully everyone’s aim is correct!

The walk will continue with us arriving at the Transport Research Laboratory at Bucklers Forest. The Transport Research Laboratory as an entity has existed in various guises since 1933, when it was established (then as the “Road Research Lab”) by the Ministry of Transport in response to the rise of the horseless carriage.

We get chance to walk around the old site and see many relics which have been left behind. We also get to walk along part of the old banked stretch of the track – we can stop here to read the information boards about the areas great history.

After we have come down the banked part of the track we will head over to an area which was a HUGE roundabout! To see more about what happened here watch this short YouTube video:

Once we have finished our visit to the modern historical site of Bucklers Forest and its automotive history we head off towards Crowthorne. We get to walk around Circle Hill (a small wooded area in Crowthorne).

Edgbarrow Woods Nature Reserve is our next area to visit – this woodland offers some peace and quiet away from the noisy roads of Crowthorne.

The last section of our walk leads us parallel with the train line with us finishing the walk back at Crowthorne Station.

Travel details

By public transport

If you are coming from Reading you need to catch the 10.24am train which arrives in Crowthorne at 10.38am.

By car

Parking is available at Crowthorne Station but parking charges do apply. Parking is available in the streets around Crowthorne but these will be a short walk back to the station.


  • Please bring a packed lunch and a drink.
  • It might be muddy – please wear suitable footwear.
  • Please feel free to contact the leader with queries about the walk, or if you are delayed on the day.