The North Devon Delight

May 10, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – May 13, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Come and join me and spend a few days walking, socialising and explore the beautiful scenic coastline of North Devon; discover the quirky coves and intoxicate yourself with the fascinating geology that the land has to offer. The organiser will be based at the campsite in Morethoe which is located right next to Woolacombe. The organiser spent many childhood holidays in these parts so it will be a delight to share this all with the good folk of the Berkshire Walkers. There will be led walks on Saturday and Sunday with organised socials planned for Friday and Monday. We will play it by ear for meals for Saturday and Sunday.

If anyone wishes to opt out of any of the walks then please do so, a trip to Lundy Island is worth a visit albeit quite expensive. Departures are from either Ilfracombe or Bideford. Feel free to have a chat with me if unsure of anything.

As always, it will be terrific to welcome new faces to our Weekend Away but please be aware a decent amount of fitness is required to get the most out of the walks. Well broken in footwear essential.

Accommodation – Camping.

The organiser plans to be camping at North Morte Farm Campsite in Mortehoe.

This is a very clean campsite with lovely views overlooking Lundy Island. However, they do not accept large adult groups so I will not be encouraging any large gatherings on site. They also do not accept advanced bookings for campers. I do not foresee a problem as we are not turning up during high season. A couple of things to remember, please turn up in groups of no larger than 3. They do allow groups of 6 but must be of equal gender.  Please let me know if you intend to camp although there is no need if you have advised already. We will try to arrange some car sharing nearer the event. If you are not camping and wish me  to try to arrange a lift please let me know also. (* UPDATED 01/03/2019*)

There are other campsites available in the area but it may be tricky to do the evening socials as could be bit or a walk or you will need to drive or arrange a taxi.

Accommodation – Non Camping

The accommodation in Mortehoe and Woolacombe is somewhat limited although options are available. I suggest booking up as soon as possible if you wish to be close to any planned evening socials. Ilfracombe has far better availability and one of the walks will be starting there although a few (but not that many) miles away.


Please refer to walks programme for full details. There are two planned walks for Saturday and Sunday of which I would consider both to be fairly challenging (especially Sunday) due to the climbs involved. Both involve stretches along the coast where we may be exposed to some gradual drops for sustained periods of time. Never too scary, I promise. But please bear in mind before booking up and if in any doubt please get in touch. Strong, broken in footwear required and pack accordingly to the conditions as you would in Berkshire; full waterproofs, sun hat, cream etc. Please bring packed lunches, snacks and plenty of drink for the walks. There should be shops around where you can purchase supplies if desired.


Please see our socials programme for full details of the planned socials for Friday evening and Monday. In summary, we plan to have a pub meet in Mortehoe for Friday evening. I am thinking of having drinks and dinner to be consumed on arrival in Woolacombe at the conclusion of Saturdays walk. We will decide what to do for Sunday whilst on the trip itself, we could arrange to book a table or folk may prefer to eat independently and have a bit of “me” time. On Monday the plan is to visit and explore Linton and Lynmouth for a few hours before heading home.

Uselful Info


For those based in Mortehoe and Woolacombe you will need to catch the bus to get to Ilfracombe . The organiser aims to board near the Post Office in Mortehoe. Timings to be confirmed nearer the event – timetable can be found HERE.


If you are not based in Woolacombe or Mortehoe you will probably need a taxi to get back from the end of Saturdays walk. Unless you decide to drive to Woolacombe and board the bus with the rest of us in which case you will have the car to return to. Be warned, the car parking fees can be bit pricey in Woolacombe.



View from campsite