(Virtual) Banff Mountain Film Festival (Programme 1)

March 30, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
07810 896288

While the rest of this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival tour has had to be postponed, and along with it the social Clare had organised to see the second set of films, the good news is that in the meantime they are releasing a series of films online for viewing at home (https://www.banff-uk.com/watch).

In order to make this a more social experience, rather than all watching it independently let’s meet online to watch the first set of films together, and video-chat in between (accompanied by your preferred beverage and/or snacks if you wish). We’ll meet from 7pm, and start the first film at 7:30pm sharp. Total runtime is about 1h30m, so with breaks to chat we’ll probably finish between 9:30–10pm, but stay and chat as long as you like.

Please contact the organiser if you wish to take part, and details of how to connect will be sent to you before we begin. (At the moment, the plan is to host this via Jitsi Meet, which should either run in a web browser, or as an Android/iPhone app.)

The films generally cover a mix of outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking and more) in a highly adventurous context, with some fantastic story-telling and cinematography.

If the event is a success, we’ll follow up with further virtual socials as more films are released online.