Group treasurer wanted!

We are currently looking for a new Berkshire Walkers treasurer – if you are interested, please contact the committee. Read below to hear from our acting treasurer Jack about his experience in the role.

Treasurer. What thoughts come to mind whenever you hear that word? Money, finance, putting cash into an offshore account? Well some of what you think is true but there’s also a bit more to that!

As most people in the BWs may be aware, I am stepping down as BW treasurer after 4 happy years in the role and to give someone else a crack at what is quite a crucial committee role. Alongside monitoring the group’s bank account and making sure the group has enough money to pay its way, being the treasurer means you are able to play a part in the organising of big group events, whether that is a trip away or the annual Christmas meal, where payments for an accommodation or restaurant booking are made via the group’s bank account.

It was really enjoyable to play a big part in hosting what was an incredibly exciting weekend!

Jack, treasurer

On certain occasions, you may be asked to help out with the organisation of a massive one off event. For me, this was when we hosted National Young Ramblers Weekend back in 2018, my first year in the role! Although it felt like being thrown in at the deep end, it was really enjoyable to play a big part in hosting what was an incredibly exciting weekend!

One big benefit of being a treasurer is that it helps a lot with your organisational and communication skills as you have to keep records to back up what goes through the bank, keep to deadlines, as well as work as a team as part of the overall BW committee telling them that you have not laundered all the money! This has particularly helped me, especially with my line of work in accountancy itself, as well as in life, where I try to apply what I have learned over my years of doing the role for organising social things both with BWs as well as my friends!

Being on the BW committee is a great way of making friends!

Finally, and probably what I consider the most important part, being on the committee is a great way of making friends! I have made friends for life with people I have been on the committee with over the last few years and will never take that aspect away from it! When I originally joined the BWs, I went straight onto the committee within a few months, the prime reason being to build friendship groups, and looking back after all those years, it has certainly paid dividends!

Hopefully that has given a useful insight into what being a treasurer involves and if you are interested in giving it a crack, please get in touch with the committee!

Thanks to Jack for writing this blog, and for all his hard work over the last four years as group treasurer!

Please contact Jack on if you have any questions about the role.

Formal list of treasurer responsibilities:

  • Recording the group’s bank transactions
  • Maintain records of invoices and receipts to support the group’s payment obligations
  • Liaise with holiday and socials organisers when payments are being made via the group’s bank account, such as for accommodation, and arrange reimbursement to the organiser
  • Keep a note of any upcoming payments that need to be made
  • Keep the committee updated on the group’s overall financial position in committee meetings and inform them of upcoming payments to be made. Existing spreadsheet templates can be used to keep appropriate records
  • Complete an annual budget request based on expected payment obligations using an existing spreadsheet template and liaise with the Berkshire Area treasurer
  • Complete an annual set of accounts and report (using existing spreadsheet templates) to be independently examined and presented at the AGM