Guidance for walk leaders: After the walk

Usually there is nothing to be done after the walk is over, other than submitting the final version of the walk register via the Ramblers App if you haven’t done this already. If for any reason you were unable to take a register, or it was incomplete, please let the Walks Coordinator know how many people were on the walk.

Let the Publicity Officer know if anything particularly noteworthy happened on the walk so that this can be included in any social media communication along with photos from the walk.

Incident reporting

In the unlikely event that any kind of incident occurred on the walk, or there were any concerns raised that you wish/need to report, please speak as soon as possible to the Walks Coordinator, Chair, or another committee member, who will be able to follow up and advise if an incident needs to be reported to Ramblers. (If you’re unsure whether you need to report something, please do so and the committee can advise whether there’s a need to take it any further.)

Do not be overly worried about this possibility, however! The incident reporting process (more info in Assemble) is not complex, but ensures that any liability that might arise is covered by Ramblers’ insurance, and there has been only one occasion in the last five years where we’ve had to do this for an incident occurring on a group walk (and this was for a “walking wounded” injury rather than anything more serious).

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