Join the committee

Berkshire Walkers would not be able to function without our dedicated committee members.  They volunteer their time and energy in a number of ways to help our group function smoothly.  The committee are voted in each year at our AGM meeting.

Below is a list of the positions we have on our committee, along with their responsibilities. If you are interested in becoming part of the committee, please speak to any of our current committee members who will be happy to help!

Chair (

  • Encourages the others on the committee
  • Makes sure we are following all the latest guidance

Secretary (

  • Organises committee meetings, and decides on the agenda for each meeting
  • Write the minutes from committee meetings
  • Adds committee meetings to the website

Walks Coordinator (

  • Ensures we have a full and varied programme of walks coming up
  • Answers queries and encourages walk leaders
  • Adds walks to the website

Socials Events (

  • Organises social events, and encourages others to organise them
  • Adds social events to the website

Membership Secretary (

  • Manages the membership database
  • Keeps us updated on how many members we have and what age bracket they fit into
  • Responds to enquires via the website from potential new members
  • Formats and sends out the weekly newsletter

Publicity Officer (

  • Takes and collects photos of our walks
  • Regularly posts photos and interesting content on social media (currently Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Encourages others to post photos and tag Berkshire Walkers

Treasurer (

  • Makes sure that we are in a position to meet our regular financial outgoings
  • Facilitates the payment for trips

Website Manager (

  • Keeps the website up and running, and the content up to date
  • Looks after the blog
  • Sorts the sign-up forms for walks

Meetup Coordinator 

  • Posts walks on Meetup
  • Answers queries about walks via Meetup

Ordinary Member (

  • No specific remit
  • Free to help out wherever