Meet the team for 2022/23!

New year, new committee team, have a look at the detail! Read on to meet your committee team members for 2022/23. Note photo will be updated, next time we have everyone present!

AGM Notes and Documents

Chair & Area Representative – Grant

Why I joined the BWs: I joined the BWs to get out and explore an area which I had not walked before, since I’m based in Oxford and to improve my fitness whilst making new friends.

My favourite place in Berkshire: Definitely anywhere around Goring and Streatley, it has such wonderful hills and some excellent country pubs for a refreshment.

My favourite place in the country to walk: Most definitely the Lake District and discovering those smaller and less well known places like Elterwater and Esthwaite Water.

My top tip for new walkers: Invest in a good pair of socks which provide cushioning & temperature management but are also right for the season (thicker in winter, thinner in summer).

My responsibilities: To make sure that each committee meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner. I also am there to support the other committee members to bring their ideas to fruition.

Membership – Tom H –

About me: I’m Tom and I’m now the Membership Secretary. I’ve been in the Berkshire Walkers for seven years. When I joined, I’d just moved to Reading for work, and wanted to meet new people and explore the area. I’ve enjoyed walking in many parts of Berkshire since then, but my favourite would have to be the West Berkshire countryside around Aldermaston and Woolhampton. Further afield, I love the South West Coast Path, especially Cornwall. Away from walking, I am a keen swimmer, enjoy pub quizzes, watching sport, and learning about American history.

My tip for new walkers: Don’t worry and take things in your stride! You will likely surprise yourself with how much you can do. Apart from a good pair of boots, you don’t need any special equipment to start.

Ordinary member – Steve E –

About me: I’m Steve and I joined the group a few years ago after being told about the Ramblers by my parents. I’d suffered a years-long period of chronic pain, which had affected my ability to work and my mental health too. I’d lived in Reading a few years but didn’t have a car and didn’t generally go out walking in the countryside. Joining the group introduced me to some great new friends and areas to explore, planned by enthusiastic walk leaders. I also liked how generous members were with offering lifts, which I’ve tried to repay in pints!

My favourite area in Berkshire: Probably in West Berkshire, around Bedwyn, Kintbury and Hungerford (North Wessex Downs). You can explore ancient woodland, wide open fields and even the occasional big hill with spectacular views – like Inkpen Beacon. This area also boasts some fantastic small villages and pubs!

My advice for new walkers: Buy a pair of sturdy trail shoes and a waterproof top if you can, and if you attend during the winter walking boots as well. Also, don’t feel guilty about bringing lots of cake, sweets and snacks in addition to water and your lunch – I find I need a sugar boost at unexpected moments on many walks.

My responsibilities: I’ll be helping out the primary committee roles with ad hoc organisational and administrative tasks, including writing some of the weekly members’ emails.

Publicity –

Why I joined the BWs: I originally joined the BW’s as training for doing the 3 peaks – been and done them years ago now and I’m still here!

My favourite place to walk: The Brecon Beacons in Wales – beautiful scenery. 

My top tip for new walkers: Talk to people on the group walks. Its the best way to meet new people and find out more about the group.

My responsibilities: Being Publicity Officer for the group means I get to share the wonderful activities and walks that the group does with lots of people!

Social events – Andrew K –

About me: I joined the BWs to get out and explore the local area, as well as meet like-minded walkers. My favourite place in Berkshire to walk is the area of the Chilterns around the Thames Path is both picturesque and easy to reach. My Favourite place in the country to walk is the New Forest which is lovely – I used to visit it a lot when I was younger.

My top tip for new walkers: Good boots are a must. You need boots you can trust to keep your feet dry and in good shape, so you can go walking in a range of conditions without worry.

My responsibilities: As Social Sec it’s my job to make sure that plenty of fun socials and activities to do with the group outside our usual walk calendar! Whether it’s pub/restaurant trips or bigger events like theatre/water park visits, I make sure that things get organised and advertised.

Walks co-ordinator – Zak –

About me: Having been a keen walker for many years, I joined the Berkshire Walkers and the Ramblers in January 2018, shortly after moving to Reading as a way of both exploring the area and making new friends, and the group has been very enjoyable in both respects. Having been on the committee as Membership Secretary for much of that time, I’ve now moved to the role of Walks Coordinator, which includes soliciting walks for the programme, trying to ensure we have a good balance and variety, keeping them up to date on the calendar, and encouraging and advising walk leaders new and old. I also regularly lead walks myself, and am Ramblers Area Secretary for Berkshire.

My favourite places to walk: My favourite walking in Britain tends to be in more remote and mountain areas like the Scottish Highlands, and so some of the events I enjoy most with the group are our longer trips away. More locally, I tend to be drawn to the hillier bits of our area – within the county that’s mostly West Berkshire, or just outside the county in the North Downs or Chilterns.

Website – Shannon –

About me: I joined the BWs after the first lockdown, and I’ve enjoyed getting out walking and meeting everyone 😊 Being on the committee has been great fun – I’m now the website officer, and I’m hoping to give our site a revamp this year! I have a lot to learn, so please bear with me if things go wrong! I enjoy a good debate 📣, trips to the cinema 📽🎬 and exploring new places 🏞🌋🏝.

Treasurer – Jack –

About Me: I joined the BWs back in the mid-2010s having pointed in the direction of the Ramblers by my parents but wanting to mix with like-minded people of a similar age. I have made some great friends over the years through the group including some for life, and I would greatly encourage anyone who wants to get out at the weekend and meet people of similar interests so they can experience the same that myself and other people in the grou

My favourite place in Berkshire: Probably Windsor, the surrounding scenery such as the Great Park and the Thames makes it a beautiful place to have a stroll! Plus the history of the place (I was really into Kings and Queens when I was younger!) is something to definitely appreciate.

My favourite place in the country to walk: the Peak District, one of the more underrated parts of the country to walk in and always very green scenery, particularly in the Dark Peak area, though the southern part of it is also lovely as shown by our most recent trip there!

My top tip for new walkers: always carry a water proof in case the weather changes! I made that mistake very early on in my time in the group and the guys who witnessed that incident have never made me forget!

My responsibilities: managing the money basically! Other than walk leading, I also organise a series of regular restaurant socials called the BW Culinary World Tour, with a theme of around the world as we try different global cuisines each time!

Marketing – Georgia –

About me: Growing up, my nan would take me on long walks with her dogs in the countryside; when I moved county, my nan recommended the Ramblers Association as a means of continuing my love of walking. I joined the Berkshire Walkers to continue this passion and have made a lot of friends and found a lot of walking routes in a place that was entirely new to me.

My favourite place in Berkshire: I love so many parts of Berkshire (particularly any smaller villages as they have so much community), but I have to be biased and say Newbury 😂

My favourite place in the country to walk: Anywhere new that has countryside, rivers, woodlands and/or cafes and pubs! I have recently enjoyed a few BW trips in the Peak Districts, Isle of Wight and York. 

My top tip for new walkers: Just go for it! When I first turned up to the walks, I had a handbag, a pair of converse, no water bottle (I do not advise this) and a packet of sweets for lunch! You don’t have to have all the fancy equipment to get started. Also, get involved as quickly as you can, try and lead a walk, even if it’s not a complicated route.