New submit a walk form!

You might not have realised it, but over the last year your committee has been very busy creating sign-up forms for the walks because of Covid-19. This has taken up a lot of their time and energy!

Now, (FINALLY!) we have set up a system which does all this stuff automatically. As with any computer thing, there are bound to be bugs we have to sort out along the way, but hopefully this will leave us with more time to focus on the important things – like the walks programme!

To make this new system work, we have had to make a new “submit a walk” form, which walk leaders use to submit walks to go on the programme. We’ve taken this opportunity to optimise the form to make it easier to upload the walk details onto the website. Below is a list of the key changes which will affect walk leaders.

Click here to go to the new form!

Walk summary

We’ve added a box where we would like you to write a sentence summarising your walk – this will be used as the tagline for your walk.

Separate public transport and car parking boxes

The travel details (perhaps a sentence on car parking, and a sentence describing public transport options) will now need to go into these boxes, instead of the main walk details box.

Reminder checkboxes!

We’ve added a list of common reminders which walk leaders use in their walk descriptions. Now, you can simply tick the ones you want to appear on your walk page, instead of typing them out every single time!

(If we’ve missed any common reminders which you think we should add, please let us know)

The walk details box is still there for you to describe the walk in detail, and add anything else you want to tell your walkers 😊

Once you have submitted your walk, you will receive an email confirmation. Then, once the walks coordinator has approved your walk, you will receive an email to let you know with the link to the signup form responses for your walk.

Please email if you have any queries about this!