News from our May Committee Meeting

Your dedicated committee members met again virtually on Tuesday 7th May to discuss some important updates for the group.

The new Ramblers walk leadership guidelines were discussed, as well as suggestions on how we might implement them as a group. If you’d like to hear more about this, Zak, our Walks Coordinator, has written a blog post explaining what these changes will be.

Grant, our Chair, gave us an update on the happenings of this year’s Ramblers General Council, which he attended as part of his additional voluntary role as Berkshire Area Secretary. He also shared with us his latest conversations about technology with Ramblers Head Office, encouraging them to make the Ramblers mobile app functional again to allow us to take registers on walks.

We heard several more proposals for trips later on this year, with one planned by myself and our Treasurer, Paul, for the Autumn in the New Forest, and a novel idea for a pre-Christmas trip by Michael, one of our walk leaders. Look out for more details of these in the coming weeks!

We also reviewed some minor changes to our email newsletter, which is dilligently prepared by our Membership Secretary Tom every week, to make it a little more fun and engaging. Keep and eye on your inbox this week to see the updates!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 11th June. If you’re interested in attending, drop me an email and I’ll share the link with you.