NYR2018 Discussion Topics

Theme 1 – Walk leading

“Experiences of walk leading – benefits and barriers”

●     Have you led a walk before? How did it go? Share some of your positive experiences

●     If not, why not? What are some of the barriers?

●     Why do you think more people don’t lead?


Theme 2 – Being a Rambler

“How can we encourage more Ramblers – what stops people from joining”

●     Why did you join Ramblers?

●     What’s your experience of new members trying out a Ramblers walk/group?

●     What does the Ramblers mean to you?

●     Why do you think some people don’t want to join?

Theme 3 – Promoting your group

“Promoting your group”

●     Have you asked your friends to join? – what do they say?

●     How do you sell/promote your group


Theme 4 – Sharing experiences and best practice

“Learning from other groups”

●     What’s the best thing about your group?

●     What doesn’t work so well – what would you like to change?

Theme 5 – Ramblers campaigns

“How do people connect with the campaigning side of Ramblers?”

●     Are you aware of any Ramblers campaigns? can you name or describe any?

●     How engaged do you feel with the campaigning side of the Ramblers?

●     Would you like to do more for the Ramblers?

○     What might be stopping you?


Theme 6 – How do we keep Ramblers relevant

“Building for the future”

●     How do you think Ramblers stacks up against other outdoor groups?

●     Do you think that Ramblers is appealing to/meets the needs of the younger generations?

○     why/why not

●     How could the Ramblers better keep in touch with its volunteers?

●     What could make it more attractive, given the competition that exists for outdoor activities