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Data Privacy: If you use any of the data entry forms on this website to contact us, your message and its contents will be treated confidentially and only used by the Berkshire Walkers committee for the purposes it was intended. It will not be passed on to any other party without your prior consent, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Data Security: You should be aware that if you use any of the data entry forms on this website to contact us, your message is not encrypted before being transmitted through the Internet and is therefore no more secure than standard email. You should exercise the same precautions about what you include in the message as you would do for an email message.

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What are Cookies? Any website that can be customised by its users or that remembers who you are or any other information about you between one visit and the next, needs somewhere to store this data. The data is stored in small files on your computer known as ‘cookies’. As this data may also be accessible to other websites, the use of cookies has come under scrutiny by data protection law. The European Union e-Privacy Directive requires that websites that can record any of your data in cookies shall request your consent before doing so. More information can be found on these (and many other) websites: the UK Information Commissioner’s Office website and the About Cookies website.

Ramblers Privacy Policy: Click here for to take you directly to the Ramblers privacy policy.