Membership & Insurance Queries

Finding the right Ramblers Walking Group is important, so we offer two alternatives. Essentially, Berkshire Walkers has been set up for those in their 20s and 30s, so to join please see our Berkshire Walkers Membership page.

As the Group has developed, some of our original members who joined in their 30s are now over 40. This led to us setting up a new group for those no longer in their 20s and 30s, in 2012. The Berkshire Weekend Walkers is based upon the Berkshire Walkers, but has no age limitations to it – it is for those who walk at weekends want the benifits of a social walking club.

Membership Options & Insurance

  • Berkshire Walkers (Group for people in their 20s and 30s)
  • Berkshire Weekend Walkers (not age specific, but intended for people of ‘working age’)
  • UK Ramblers Association Insurance Cover (third-party cover)

Berkshire Walkers (20s & 30s)

  • When the group was first set up, it was strictly for people in their 20s and 30s but over the years we gained a number of members in their 40s. The types of walk and the days on which we walk seem to make our group more attractive than the traditional rambling groups to people of a working age.
  • As the number of members who are over 40 has grown it became clear that a change was needed to restore the original concept of the 20s and 30s group. See Berkshire Walkers Membership (20s & 30s) page.

Berkshire Weekend Walkers (40 & Over)

  • Now, there is a new walking group called the Berkshire Weekend Walkers, which is very similar to our group but does not have the age restriction. The new group hopes to bridge the gap between the 20s and 30s group and the established traditional Ramblers groups.

Third-Party Insurance Cover

  • Walks organised by Ramblers Areas and Groups ‘automatically receive third-party insurance cover’, provided the leaders are Ramblers members, through the Association’s national policy.
  • This is designed to protect leaders against claims for damage to property and for injury or death on group-led walks. Refer to UK Ramblers Association ‘Leading Group Walks’ page for queries.
  • Berkshire Walkers is part of the UK Ramblers Association (click link for Membership Benefits).