Transferring membership

We welcome all existing Ramblers members (and especially those in their 20s and 30s) who’d like to transfer to us from other groups – whether you’re joining us from another Berkshire local group or moving into the area from further afield. Transferring your Ramblers membership to Berkshire Walkers via the Ramblers website is easy:

Transferring your membership is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Visit the Update my Profile page on the Ramblers Website. (You’ll be prompted to log in if necessary.)
  2. Expand the Your group section by clicking on the red plus sign.
  3. Change your Area to Berkshire.
  4. Change your Group to Berkshire Walkers.
  5. Click Save.

That’s it! You’ll leave the membership list of your current group and become a member of the Berkshire Walkers. All your general Ramblers benefits (Walk magazine, discounts etc.) will still apply, and you’ll begin receiving the group’s regular weekly programme update by email (unless you opt out of this).

If you have any problems transferring, please contact the Membership Secretary for help, and include your Ramblers membership number.

Affiliate membership

If you’d like to remain a member of your current group, but also be affiliated to the Berkshire Walkers (for example because you spend some of your weekends here, or you mostly walk with a neighbouring group but sometimes find our walks more suitable), then you can request to be an affiliate member of the Berkshire Walkers in addition to your main group.

It’s not currently possible to manage affiliate membership yourself via the website, so please contact the Membership Secretary directly (including your membership number) to arrange this.