Walk grading guide

We grade all of our walks easy, moderate or challenging according to the level of difficulty, terrain and pace. New members can attend any walk.

Easy: gentle pace on fairly level terrain. Anyone can enjoy these walks (ideal for newcomers).

Moderate: more variable terrain that may involve gentle hills or a few steep slopes.

Challenging: long distances at a good pace, often involving hills and rough ground. A reasonable level of fitness and stamina is required. These tend to be for more fitter walkers – they tend to be a good day’s walk.

Note that our grading terms very slightly from the standard Ramblers ones. Walks graded “easy” or “easy/moderate” generally correspond to the Ramblers “leisurely” grade; those graded “moderate” or “challenging” generally correspond to the Ramblers “moderate” grade.

Local terrain is such that none of our walks (except on trips away to remote/mountainous regions) generally rise to the level of the Ramblers “strenuous” grade.

Pace guide

Gentle: led at a gentle pace with regular short breaks for water or rest. Should be suitable for anyone capable of the distance. (Expect 2–2.5 mph.)

Medium: led at an intermediate pace with fewer breaks but still suitable for most walkers. (Expect 2.5–3 mph.)

Fast: led at a quick pace with minimal breaks. May be a challenge for those with less fitness. (Expect 3 mph+.)

Speeds quoted are only a rough guide, including time spent on short water/rest stops and negotiating stiles/gates/roads etc. but not that spent on longer lunch or pub stops.