Advice for Walk Leaders

The overall success of the Walks Programme relies on members volunteering and submitting walks.

Our programme of walks (and socials) is updated every four months, so this section is designed to answer a few questions about becoming a walk leader. Periodically, we have Walk Leader Training Days to encourage people to confidently plan, lead and navigate walks. Some basic maps skills, a bit of planning and sense of direction helps!

Furthermore, more experienced walks and members of the committee can be on hand to help plan walks and answer queries. If intending to lead a walk, perhaps the best advice is come along on a walk and speak to a walk leader or a longstanding member to get ideas and tips along the way. We all have to start somewhere!

  • Who leads our walks?
  • Can I volunteer to lead a walk?
  • Information required for submitting a walk to the programme

Who Leads the Walks?

  • All of our walks leaders are unpaid volunteers from within the group. Although it is not expected that every member will lead a walk, those that do are greatly respected for their vital contribution to the walks programme, without which there would be no group.
  • There is also opportunity to work as a team with another group member and “buddy lead” the walk.

Can I Lead a Walk?

  • If you are a member of our group or any other Ramblers Association group and would like to volunteer to lead a walk in the next programme, please contact the Walks Co-ordinator.
  • You can design and plan the walk yourself or use a book/webpage/newspaper page or leaflet, as long as the information is from a reliable source.
  • It is advisable to pre-walk a new walk shortly before you lead it to familiarise yourself with the route and to check that the entire route is suitable.
  • You do not need to pre-walk it before submitting details for the programme, unless you wish to, as you do not need to specify the exact route in the walk description. However, it is important to check car parking arrangements and public transport times (if applicable) before submitting the walk.

Submitting a Walk to the Programme

  • The main details required are the start location and time, the approximate mileage and grade of the walk, a summary of the area covered by the walk, any points of interest that might add to the walk’s general enjoyment and a contact phone number (preferably mobile in case people need to contact you on the day).
  • If you have never led a walk before, why not have a go? It is not as difficult as you might think and most people that lead a first time walk, go on to lead many more. Talk to someone who has already led a few walks and they can give you advice and moral support.
  • Click to Submit a Walk to Programme