Walk Magazine is online!

As part of your membership of the ramblers you have access to Walk magazine which is published in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn each year. A paper copy of the magazine is sent out as part of your membership, but did you know that it’s possible to access digital copies back to 2018 on the Ramblers website?

In order to access these you need to log into your account on the Ramblers web-site and then click on “My Account”.  Once you’re on the “My Account” page there is a link labelled “My Benefits” if you click on this you are taken to another page which has a link labelled “Walk magazine back issues” which will take you to the page with back issues of the magazine. All the back issues are in PDF format, which means they are searchable, downloadable and printable.

It’s also possible to opt out of receiving the printed edition and sign up for the walk e-newsletter circulation list through contacting Ramblers supporter care.